Ministry Continues in Roatan, June Update 2015

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Please continue to Pray for our Ministry...

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Ministry Continues in Roatan

I feel like I just arrived in Toronto and now it is almost time to go back to Roatan.

Stephen and I visited numerous parishes and supporters in Ontario and have now joined Kara and Kelly in New Brunswick.

It has been wonderful seeing so many of our supporters again and meeting new people too.

Our family is very grateful to all those who have hosted us, provided transportation and meals, and the fellowship that has been offered.  We sincerely thank you.

Things are going well in our churches in Roatan; the leaders are doing a great job.  The Methodist Priest came last Sunday and our Dean is coming on the 21st of June, and on the 28th one of the leaders will take a turn.  On the 4th of July I will return to Roatan to continue serving the Lord.  Kara, Stephen and Kelly will stay back in New Brunswick until August 1st.

Please continue to pray for:

  • The rest of our deputation time, for safe travel around the Province and for continued financial support for the next three years.
  • Our congregations: St. Peter by the Sea in Brick Bay and Emmanuel in Coxen Hole.
  • For our leaders in both congregations: Will, Gerardo, Aura, Lazaro, Sharon, Cindy, Karolina, Karina, Jennifer and Yessy, that they continue growing and serving the Lord faithfully.
  • For Short Term Mission Teams that are planning to come to Roatan next year: from Miramichi New Brunswick in February; from New Song Anglican Church in Port Perry, Ontario, in March; from St. George’s Anglican Church in London, Ontario, in April.
  • For St. Anne`s Episcopal Church in Tampa Bay, Florida. They are coming to Roatan on a cruise early next year.  We plan to meet at the church in Coxen Hole for worship and give them a tour.
  • For the ongoing construction in Coxen Hole; we hope to start on part of the roof when I return.
  • Spiritual and practical outreach in the local communities.

Thank you very much for your prayers and continued support that enables us to do the ministry that the Lord has called us to do.

May God continue to richly bless you.


  1. Frances Morrisey says:

    Dear Kara and Nelson,

    It was wonderful to have lunch with you when you were in Saint John. I loved being with you and hearing how the Lord is using you for His purposes. It made me wish I could visit you in Roatan but am afraid the effort for you wouldn’t be worth it.

    God bless you all,


    • Roatan Episcopal Church Ministry says:

      May God continue to Bless you! You are welcome to Roatan, we will give you work to do.

      Thank you for the opportunity to have lunch with you and your friends.

      Nelson and Kara

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