Christmas is always a perfect time to give…

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Please continue to Pray for our Ministry...

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Every year thanks to the churches, Christ Church Campbellton, parish of Restigouche, and Dalhousie, raise money to help kids in Roatan, Honduras have a better Christmas.

Last year we began involving the youth where we go to the poor communities and give out toys to those really poor kids. It is amazing the experience that they learn through this. I have heard some say; we really thought we had nothing and we were poor but I can’t imagine myself living in these conditions.

Many families look for the way of getting food for Christmas but the children are often forgotten. It is very rare that they would receive a little toy to play with.

This experience is such a humbling experience for everyone seeing the smiles in those faces of the children content to receive even such a little item!!!

Thank you to those churches and may we encourage others to jump in the project thus being able to reach others in need!!!

Enjoy the pictures which speak for themselves

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