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Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all the three for this Christmas.

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Please pray for our youth vigil this Saturday. The youth have been working hard planning this event. The theme will be; Youth, prepare yourselves to be a difference. Please pray that this may be so true and that God will be manifested through this vigil and youth may come to his presence and his feet this Saturday!!!
May God continue to Bless you.

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A Grandmother and her two grandchildren were recently baptized.
The baptisms here on the island in Brick Bay  have been a real challenge for us mostly from the influence that the Pentecostal churches have had. For many years before us, people have been thinking that they could not baptize their children until a certain age, and their belief has been that their Christian faith needs to be really solid in order to baptize or be baptized.
This thinking is finally changing in our congregation and now we are baptizing adults over 50 year olds  and many kids as well.
Recently we baptized  Judy (over 50th) Sherrie and Jimmy. (Judy’s grandchildren) This is a real break through mostly for her and her two grandchildren because just 8 months ago,  her son, father of Sherrie and Jimmy suddenly disapeared, with no trace as to where he is. They still have not found him, no sign whether he is dead or alive. We as a church have been always supporting this family in this difficult moment they have been facing. God’s strength has been especially real in their life.
This time we had the baptisms at the Church in Brick Bay, due to the weather but  it was a great time for this family becoming members of  God’s Family.
Please pray for them.  May the power of the Holy Spirit strengthen  them to continue to grow in their spiritual life.
Be blessed to be a blessing…