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Donations from Cruise Ships for the poor of the Island.

During different times of the year some churches on the Island of Roatan receive from the Cruise Ships  donations  of matresses, sheets  and others implements, to give for free to our members or a poor family on Roatan Island.

As an Anglican Church we started receiving sheets and matresses to give to our people in the church in Coxen Hole and Brick Bay, and also other families and schools  in Roatan.

! I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these followers of mine, you did it for me!     MATTHEW 25:40

Please  pray for the poor of the Island of Roatan.


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Please pray for Edimar and Jaime.

They are traveling today from Roatan to Mainland to attend the Men`s Cursillo Weekend.

Edimar is a member of the Church in Brick Bay and Jaime from the church in Coxen Hole.

Pray for them to open their hearts and receive every think  that is specially prepared for them on this weekend.

The Holy Spirit is working with them and we believe they will come back  with a new purpose   for the Christian life.  family and church

Thank for your prayers and may God continue to Bless You every day.

Please continue to pray for: Martha and Sarai from church in Coxen Hole, Nicol and Aurelio from Brick Bay church. They were baptized on the past 15th of may, We went to the Camp Bay beach in the east part of the island, beginning with the service in the morning, and stay for part of the afternoon to enjoy the beach together as a church family. Please continue to pray for them and that God will richly bless them as they decide to follow Christ, responding for a new life.

Thank you very much for all your prayers. It was indeed a great day, and had a great time on the beach celebrating the new birth of these new followers of Jesus. May God continue to bless them in their walk with Him.  

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Every year Holy Week and Easter is a tremendous times for our church in Roatan and the experience of Holy Week it was wonderfully, we meet together as a church, Coxen Hole and Brick Bay.

On Saturday night we did the vigil from 10pm – 6 am, we celebrated the Easter Vigil, and after the youth did dramas, songs, choreographies, games and much more.

We end with the Resurrection Service watching the sunrises in the morning meaning the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We did have a great time together and it was really a Blessing seeing the children, young people and adults worshiping the Lord.

We hope you will enjoy the pictures we upload to this blog.

May God continue to bless you and thank you for been part of our ministry.

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